Moog and Buchla, Soft synths, synth tutorials, and a surprise from Moog inc.
There's a cool little music recommender built into Spotify that you've probably never used.
10 years ago this weekend at a Music Hack Day I built the Infinite Jukebox, for when your favorite song just isn't long enough.
One of my more popular web apps, Sort Your Music gets an update that lets you optimize the artist order in your playlist.
I write about music tech, music recommendations, playlisting, software development, and anything else that captures my interest.
I've been reading blogs seemingly forever. I've read lots of great posts .. but there's one blog post that I still think about all the time even though…
A few months ago, we finally shutdown the final remnants of the old Echo Nest infrastructure. One of casualties of this final shutdown was the archive…
Today Amazon released AWS DeepComposer which is a keyboard that will let you "create a melody that will transform into a completely original song in…
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